In order to use Sval you need to build it. You can either download the source tarball provided below or use the CVS server to get a latest copy of the source. Sval could not be provided as a Web Application Archive (WAR) as it depends on a variety of projects and libraries, and they all have their own restrictions on redistribution, packaging and licensing. You will also need to get the Java Webservices Developer Pack (JWSDP) from Sun Microsystems as they provide the jars for JAXM, JAXRPC and SAAJ Apis.

In order to build sval from source you will need to install Maven and download some of the dependencies jars and store them in your local repository. This is necessary because several of these jars were removed from ibiblio's maven repository due to copyright and distribution restrictions. So if the POM needs a jar and it's not in ibiblio you will need to get it yourself.

Sval uses the Maven CVS version. You need to use at least 1.0-beta-9. YMMV. Maven is no longer part of the commons-sandbox. It has been promoted to a top level apache project !!

You can download sval-1.0 source tarball here .